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etting lost on the web  
is part of what surfing the internet  
is all about.  But it could also be 
confusing and, at times, frustrating.  Let SurfSerf help.  SurfSerf presents you with a graphical view of where you've been surfing on the web. It captures the complexities of the world wide web and turns them into manageable information.  SurfSerf allows you to visualize the landscape of the web - the same one that brought you from A inexplicably to B .  But how can surfing be captured visually, you ask?  Good question...
Whenever you log on to the internet, a world of possibilities is opened up to you...say you started off looking at the origins of various forms of coat of arms...Half an hour and several hyperlinks later, you find yourself at a site with a video camera pointed at a set of cow udders. did that happen? Looking back you realize you've gotten lost in the vast landscape that is the web.  You would like to know how you got there.  But how do you go about figuring that out? All you know is that, somehow, you ended up where you are from where you started...
You turn to your history list.  But history lists fail  to capture the complexities of your surfing route. Furthermore, you found so many nice sites while you were suring you've made a horrible mess of your bookmarking system.  Instead of looking forward to re-visiting those sites, you shudder at the thought of having to sort out your bookmarks.   The problem with all the bookmarks you've randomly saved is that they do not show you the relationships between sites and the how's and why's of what got you to that site.  The context in which you found your sites is lost. In order to capture the context and to understand how you got to where you've gotten to, the way you surf on the web has to be captured.  The complex route you've taken has to be traced out so you can see where you've been.  This is what SurfSerf does: SurfSerf maps out for you visually how you surfed the web. 
Take a look at the features offered by SurfSerf that make it more than just a graphical history visualizer but also a contextual bookmarking system, robust presentation tool  and even a powerful training tool.  Download a fully working preview version of SurfSerf for free and see if you don't agree that SurfSerf is an indespensible companion for surfing the web!  
 Be lost no more on the vast web.
Let SurfSerf, your faithful follower,
show you where you've been!

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